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New York Mechanical Heating + Cooling
Attention: Anthony Arnica
441 Wild Avenue
Staten Island, NY

Office: (718) 948-3811
Cell: (646) 315.2271

What to Expect:

-Workmanship Guaranteed  

-The Luxaire Establishment offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty on parts. 20 years on heat exchanger for 80% furnace, 5 years Labor from NYM. 

-Any debris created from installations by NYM will be cleaned up.

-Technicians are kind, courteous and trustworthy.

-There will be a mechanic with over 15 years experience completing your service.

-We will provide you with a few available options before showing up with just any natural gas boiler  heater or cooling system.

-Gas leak tests are performed

-Available 6 and 10 year warranties on selected hot water heaters.

-Safety precautions are taken to prevent potential hazards in the future.

-Mitsubishi Cooling units manufacturer warranty is 7 years on compressor 5 years parts and available extended warranties up to 12 years.